How to make Iced Coffee without a Coffee Maker?

For most of us it’s unimaginable to start a day without a dose of coffee. Since gaining its popularity among masses coffee is a widely and commonly consumed drink. Doesn’t matter if you go to a café, restaurant or even at a fast food chain you would always find coffee for sure on their menu. The matter of fact is now that most of the restaurants and cafés are coming out with different versions of how coffee can be prepared, so they can provide their customers with variety.

Most importantly it’s all about how you like and prefer it in different times of the day and also in different weathers. That’s the reason that why there are so many kinds coffee makers in the market to meet up the coffee desire of the people, such as if you’re interested in coffee made from freshly grinded beans then you can buy a best coffee maker with built-in grinder or if you prefer normal one then you can buy a best coffee and espresso maker combo or best slow drip coffee maker.

Iced Coffee

Obviously in scorching summer you wouldn’t prefer hot coffee that much but instead you would prefer something cold and icy to beat the heat. The craving for coffee in such a weather led to the discovery of iced coffee which is cool and refreshing but on the same end satisfying your craving for coffee. The growing taste for iced coffee in summer has led to a lot questions regarding its preparation. Though it’s iced coffee but it’s no different than any other normal coffee just expect it’s iced and cold.

A lot of people often ask this question that “how to make an iced coffee without a coffee maker”. We’ll explain that to you in steps so that how you can prepare the best iced coffee for yourself in no time. You’ll be surprised to know that how quickly it is prepared and once you know that you’ll be doing it quite often. You just have to follow the steps given below and you won’t need a coffee maker and not even hot water. Surprised? Yes it’s that simple and yet full of rich taste.

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Steps to make an Instant Iced Coffee without Coffee Maker

Step 1: Gather all the required ingredients to make an iced coffee e.g. instant coffee mix, cold water, your favorite creamer and ice.  (Ingredients can be slightly different based on your preference such as creamer with full fat or low fat creamer)

Step 2:  Take a big container in which you can stir all the ingredients well such as Mason jar or any other container that you feel would work best.

Step 3: Measure all the ingredients accordingly before pouring them in the jar or container of your choice. Take 1 and ½ tablespoon of instant coffee mix, 1/3 cup of your creamer and add two tablespoons of vanilla essence in it. Lastly add 2/3 cup of cold water with ice. Remember that the amount of ingredients can be adjusted based on your taste, this quantity is for the general iced coffee.

Step 4: Pour all the measured ingredients in the container except ice and stir them well till they’ve been fully dissolved.

Step 5: Once all the contents are mixed well then add ice in it as a last step and now your iced coffee is ready to be served.

The cold iced coffee itself has a pleasant taste than a normal hot coffee the reason behind it when you make a hot coffee it has more acidic and bitter flavor. Comparing to the cold iced coffee which doesn’t get heated at all as described in the procedure above, which means it has less bitterness in its flavor. It also depends because there are also other ways to make iced coffee as well.

Cold Iced Brew Coffee with a Coffee Maker

Another way for making an iced coffee with richer taste is making it as a cold brew. It’s a process of making an iced coffee from the hot coffee. The taste is strong because you extract the flavor from ground coffee by pouring hot water through filters and then cool it down. Filtering it by hot water means it would release more oil and acidic flavors that results in a bitter taste.

Iced Brew Coffee

The sooner you cool it down the less it would be bitter in taste. The ice brew usually takes longer time than a normal instant iced coffee but if you’re into it and prefer that way than it’s worth a try. The only extra thing is that you have to get ground coffee and extract the flavor from it by using a thin cloth or a paper filter. It’s not the fastest way to make an iced coffee but a lot of people consider it due its strong taste.

The procedure is same for the cold iced brew coffee but the cold water this time would be converted into hot water and is filtered through the ground coffee to extract the flavor. Make sure to pour hot filtered coffee into glass full of ice to cool it down as soon as you can.

Once you poured the hot coffee in the glass or container full of ice then add the remaining ingredients that would be creamer and vanilla essence in the mentioned quantity above and stir them well. Once mixed well then you have your cold iced brew coffee ready.