Why are Weber Grills so Expensive?

Buying a grill from a perspective of long term use is not a simple decision. Usually people tend to look for something durable and resilient that could be used over years. It’s obvious that you won’t like to spend money every year or two on buying a grill. In the market you can find so many options and varieties now a days due to high competition. The prices are also competitive due to expanding industry and growing demand of grills but few of us would still like to consider the old names that are usually with big price tags such as weber grills.

Weber Spirit

The next questions that usually comes in mind would be why weber grills are so expensive and are they really worth the money? That’s very normal and there is a possibility that it’s maybe your first experience of buying an expensive grill. If you’re a BBQ lover then it’s highly advised to do so. The good grill would not only last for a long time but can also give you an ultimate BBQ experience. The built quality has a high impact on the cooking process because it is directly linked to management of heat in the grilling compartment.

If you want a grill that runs on electricity than there are best electric outdoor grill options too.

From quality and performance perspective the weber grill is worth a try. For example some features such as temperature and flare control helps making your grilling experience good and reduces your extra struggles with adjustment of fire.

If you’re not much into the name or brand than there are other options too in different price ranges such as best gas grill under $300, best gas grill under $500 and best budget kamado grill.

Value to Money

The prices of weber grills are high but if you think from a long term value perspective then it’s going to save you the money over the years, which you would spend on buying cheap grills and then discarding them after sometime. It’s also worth it because with that durability it will give you the nice grilling experience. Additionally there are so many options in weber grill catalogue and you can select one according to your preference e.g. the gas grills, coal grill or the one with side burners etc.

In comparison to various other cheap grills that are made from thin painted metal the weber grills are build high quality material that tend to last over years. This is the main reason that why the weber grills have warranty of over 10 years. It’s simply because they’re build and designed to last over a longer time period. The weber grills are not just a normal built but they are engineered and designed carefully to serve the purpose. The company uses materials such as stainless steel, cast iron and other high quality metals, and after that they run their quality test and check if it’s up to the standard of the company which makes the weber grill a durable equipment that can last way longer than any other normal cheap grill.

Additionally with such a price tag there also comes a very good customer service along that would help and guide you with your grill.

Doing a cost benefit analysis for a longer period than it’s always better to go with well-built and good quality grills. The one main reason for hefty price of weber grill is that the company has innovated a lot over the years and continued to develop new technology. Their innovation in better grilling techniques and after cleaning process such as self-cleaning systems, separate channel for grease and various other improvement has given them advantage over their competitors.

Weber Grill

With a high durability it has also some simplicity to offer in terms of its repairing and servicing. It can be self-repaired without taking or shipping your whole grill somewhere else, and also there are multiple service centers where you can get it repaired too. The spare parts are easily available too.

Grilling is often something associated to summer and outdoor activity and it is very much dependent on weather too. Obviously you cannot grill in a rainy or cold weather. Thanks to the technology for this purpose the best indoor grills are also available which can give you same BBQ feeling but inside with much less hassle.