Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Plus: Which One is Better?

Espresso, the Italian art of brewing coffee with finely ground beans and a pressurized stream of water, is now one of the most popular drinks in the world. The rich aroma and unique flavor of espresso is due to the way water interacts with the coffee beans during brewing.

Reduce pressure, cool water, and fine grinds = a better tasting and more consistent espresso. The most common espresso maker uses a pump and filter to create a fine mist of water, which forces the ground coffee out of a spout at the top of the machine. The result is an aromatic drink with a strong, bright flavor. Not all espresso makers are created equal, however.

If you plan to do a lot of espresso-making, check out our comparison of Nespresso Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus, two of the most wanted espresso makers in the market. In this article, we will compare the two espresso makers side by side to find out which one has better features and performance to offer. Let’s find out!

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus Comparison Chart

FeaturesNespresso Vertuo NextNespresso VertuoPlus
Dimensions5.5x16.8x12.4 Inches9.8x13.3x12.79 Inches
MaterialPlastic MostlyMetal and Plastic
Weight8.8 lb9.72 lb
ColorWhiteBlack, Grey, Ink Black, LE Black Matte, Titan
Water Reservoir Capacity37 Oz40 Oz
ControlsSingle Button on TopSingle Button on Top
Coffee TypeNespresso Coffee PodsNespresso Coffee Pods
Cup RestPlastic Cup Rest with 3 Adjustable PositionsMetal Cup Rest with 4 Adjustable Positions
Milk FrotherAeroccino Milk FrotherAeroccino Milk Frother
Capsule HolderLeft Side / Removable / Holds 10 CapsulesBack Side / Removable / Holds 10 Capsules
Cord Length2.5 Ft2.5 Ft
Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty
Amazon Rating4.2/5 Star (5.5K Reviews)4.6/5 Star (11.4K Reviews)
No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Differences: Nespresso Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus

When you look at the two machines side by side, it is hard to notice much differences but when you start using, you figure out how minor differences playout in the long run. There are a tons of minor yet important differences between Nespresso Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus that make huge difference.

Appearance & Design

Nespresso Vertuo Next and VertuPlus look expensive and have sleek and slim design which will prove to be a beautiful addition to your household.

Nespresso Vertuo Next has a narrow design with slightly wider brew head and water reservoir at the back. It measures about 5.5×16.8×12.4 Inches and weighs 8.8 pounds. It hardly takes any space on the counter thanks to its 5.5 inches wide design. On the other hand, Nespresso VertuoPlus has uniform width from top to bottom and measures about 9.8×13.3×12.79 Inches. At 9.8 inches it is significantly wider in design and it weighs 9.72 pounds which is slightly heavy in comparison to Nespresso Vertuo Next but who carries a coffee maker around so weight is insignificant.

Nespresso Vertuo Next is entirely made of dense recyclable plastic however Nespresso VertuoPlus is made of plastic and the cup rest is made of durable metal.

We all have different preferences when it’s about choosing colors, Nespresso Vertuo Next is available on White which is a downside but white is considered premium color by many. On the other side, Nespresso VertuoPlus comes in Black, Grey, Ink Black, LE Black Matte, and Titan colors – so, choose what fits best with your kitchen décor.

Water Tank

Nespresso Vertuo Next has its water reservoir all the way back while VertupPlus has an adjustable water tank that you can move on either side of the machine for convenient placement of the machine which is a huge plus. Nespresso Vertuo Next has a 37-ounce water capacity whereas VertuoPlus has slightly higher 40-ounce water tank capacity.

Water tanks are transparent and easy to remove for refilling or you can refill without removing as well. With Nespresso Vertuo Next companion app, you can keep track of water level through your mobile phone as well.


There aren’t any touchscreen control panels with fancy bells and whistles. Nespresso Vertuo Next and VertuoPlus has a single button control which sits on top of the brew head.

Now brew head opens differently in both machines. Nespresso Vertuo Next has a slider to open the brew head when need to add coffee-espresso pods. However, Nespresso VertuoPlus has a convenient push button to open the brew head. Secondly, brew head in VertuoPlus opens rather slowly unlike Vertuo Next where brew head opens with a jerk.

VertuoPlus is a better choice for folks who can’t exert enough force to open and close brew head using a slider because it does require a certain level of force.

Coffee Type

Unlike most coffee and espresso makers, Nespresso Vertuo Next and VertuoPlus only work with Nespresso Coffee pods. If you are someone who likes to use freshly ground coffee you can go with machines which use freshly ground coffee.

Cup Rest

There is a significant difference between the cup rests. Nespresso Vertuo Next has a small round shaped cup pad made of plastic which feels cheap, while VertuoPlus comes with a sturdy and well-built cup pad which is made of stainless steel and feels more premium.

The cup rest in Vertuo Next has 3 levels to set whereas in VertuoPlus it has 4 levels to set. You can choose the height of cup pad in accordance to the size of cup being used.

Milk Frother

Neither of the two espresso makers have built-in milk frother but they do come with a separate Aeroccino milk frother if you choose so. Buying espresso maker + milk frother will significantly increase the price however, you can buy budget friendly milk frothers from Amazon for about 10-15$ only.

Capsule Holder

The capsules or coffee pods go to a capsule holder which site on the left side in Nespresso Vertuo Next while it sits at the back of VertuoPlus. We found VertuoPlus more functional for you can remove the capsule holder from either side without moving the machine however, in case of Nespresso Vertuo Next, you’d have to move the machine if there is no space on the left side. Capsule holders can hold up to 10 used capsules and keep in mind, these pods or capsules are made of recyclable material and it’s not the regular plastic.


Nespresso VertuoPlus easily wins here because of its convenient features and incredible quality espresso shots. It has garnered 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon with about 11.4K reviews from coffee enthusiasts around the world out of which 90% are quite happy with the performance and 10% have complaints. Nespresso VertuoPlus is No.1 best seller on Amazon.

On the other hand, Nespresso Vertuo Next has 4.2/5 star rating on Amazon with 5.5K reviews out of which 81% are satisfied with the quality and performance while 19% have complaints.

Quick Overview of Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Maker

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Maker by De'Longhi
  • SIGNATURE COFFEES AND ESPRESSOS: Vertuo Next coffee maker offers a variety of coffee formats in 6 sizes, including 5, 8,...
  • SLIM & SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Nespresso’s newest innovation, Vertuo Next, is the most compact, sustainable, and smart...
  • Makes espresso and coffee
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Removable 37 Oz water tank
  • 4 positions for cup pad
  • Comes with or without Aero Milk Frother
  • Automatic capsule ejection
  • Capsule storage with 10 capsule capacity
  • Works with Nespresso coffee pods only
  • Brew head slider might not be suitable for old folks

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Maker

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine by...
  • Item Package Dimension: 15.3L x 15.1W x 9.39H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 12 Pounds
  • Premium design
  • Larger cup pad
  • Water tank can be adjusted to either side
  • Removable water tank for easy filling
  • Available in multiple color choices
  • Easy to open brew head
  • No.1 best seller on Amazon
  • Nespresso Pods are expensive
  • Slightly bulky

Nespresso Vertuo Next Vs VertuoPlus: Winner?

Nespresso Vertuo Next and VertuoPlus are top of the line espresso machines in the market. If design and aesthetics are the main concern of yours, both have futuristic and eye-catching design with user-friendliness kept in mind.

If material is the main concern, Nespresso VertuoPlus has a sturdier build quality. In terms of convenience and ease of use VertuoPlus takes the lead with its easy to open brew head for capsule ejection, adjustable water tank, stainless-steel cup pad and easy to pull out capsule holder.

You would definitely want to have the freedom to choose between multiple colors to match the machine with your kitchen theme. Why not when you can?

In terms of quality espresso shot and coffee, Nespresso VertuoPlus has the upper hand as well. It brews delicious espresso with nice crema and with added milk frother, you can make a variety of beverages barista style.

Which machine would you pick and why? Tell us about your espresso maker? Leave us a comment in the section below!