How to make Bulletproof Coffee without Blender?

Coffee is one of the most important drink in our lives. I personally couldn’t imagine starting a day without my morning coffee. I can assume the same for a lot of people if not everyone.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a student in university or already working full time coffee is ‘must to have’ thing for many people to begin your day with. Why it shouldn’t be as it gives us a dose of caffeine which makes us feel more energized and active. Some other benefits beside the energy are that it lowers the risk of several health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Coffee is made in various forms and ways. For this reason there are so many modern coffee machines available now a days which helps you customize your coffee up to your need and taste and these coffee machines are available in all price and specification ranges such as coffee makers under 50$, coffee makers under 100$, slow drip coffee maker, coffee and espresso maker combo, coffee maker with built in grinder and coffee maker with hot water dispenser.

Somebody prefer coffee with more milk and while others just love to have a black coffee. Depending on taste and dose individuals chooses their type of coffee. Since now a days people are more into health routines and diet plans so they want their coffee to complement their health plans too.

Bulletproof Coffee

The bulletproof coffee is one such example because it’s not just an average latte but an energizing and also a keto diet friendly drink that is preferred by professionals, athletes and busy parents who want to get more done in less time. This bulletproof coffee is made with quality fats such as butter which helps to fuel the body and mind without eating a carb heavy meal. It makes you feel satisfied and energized for hours.

People often have this question in mind that how to make a bulletproof coffee without a blender, which is not that difficult. First of all gather all the ingredients that you need to make a bulletproof coffee which includes coffee, butter, MCT oil and a milk frother or immersion blender as an alternative to coffee blender.

Guideline: “How to make Bulletproof Coffee without Blender”

Step 1: Pour all the ingredients in one cup and make sure that cup is big enough so that there is no risk of overflowing on your countertop.

Step 2: Place your frother or immersion blender to the end of the cup and make sure to place it in such an angle that it can pull in air when it starts whipping.

Step 3: Start the procedure by turning on your device and move it in a circular way for forty to fifty second until your ingredients are fully blended. It will leave you with a foamy top in the end which means your bulletproof coffee is ready.

The milk frother or immersion blender are the most common kitchen gadgets which can be used instead of coffee blender to make bulletproof coffee. The milk frother is cheap, light weight and very easy to clean, you can find it commonly in the market and works fine for making a bulletproof coffee.

If you don’t have any of these devices then you can also use a food processor. The procedure for making a bulletproof in the food processor would be the same as you have to gather all the ingredients and then put it in the bowl of the food processor and start blending. In this case it will be blended with blades and it may not produce as much foam in comparison to frother or immersion blender but the job will be done. An extra hassle in this case would to assemble and disassemble the food processor.

If you don’t have a food processor then you can also make your bulletproof coffee in the Mason jar, the results wouldn’t be up to your expectations if you desire for foamy texture but you’ll have your coffee well blended. To make it in Mason jar once again put the ingredients in it and then closed the lid, and make sure it’s air tight, then shake well until the contents are mixed.

From my conclusion and experience I would highly suggest using a frother as it is not only easy to use and clean but it also gives better results than food processor and immersion blender.

Bulletproof coffee pour

Tips for Taste

Just as a tip if you want to enhance the taste of your bulletproof coffee with a wonderful aroma then you can add some spices and flavors in it, such as cinnamon, cacao, cayenne, almond extract, vanilla extract or peppermint extract. Adding sweetener in your bulletproof coffee is always optional but if you want to then some healthy options are coconut sugar, maple syrup and honey. Bulletproof coffee itself is very suitable to healthy diets and if you’re avoiding carbs then it would suit you the best.