Breville Bambino Plus vs Infuser: The Main Differences!

The Australian brand Breville has been manufacturing some of the most practical, dependable and high-end home coffee and espresso makers. If you are out searching for your new coffee and espresso maker, Breville Bambino Plus and Infusers should be your main focus. This article will cover the key differences and similarities between Breville Bambino Plus Vs infuser to enable potential customers make an informed decision about which of the two would be a better choice.

Breville Bambino Plus Vs Infuser

Breville Bambino Plus Vs Infuser: Comparison Chart

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Breville Bambino Plus and Infuser Comparison

The most prominent difference between the two machines is the size. The Breville Bambino Plus is incredibly small in terms of width. Its just 7.6 inch wide while the Infuser is 13.7-inch wide which is pretty wide. If you have limited space on your counter, the Bambino would be a wise pick.

Heat Up Time

The heat up time differs in most machines. With the Breville Bambino Plus it only takes a few second for the machine to heat up and you will get your drink ready in a jiffy. For folks who are always in a rush and have no time to wait for the drink to be ready will appreciate the feature. On the contrary, with Breville infuser you will have to wait for a minute or two for it to heat up and get your drink ready. A minute or two is no big deal but it is a big deal in comparison to ridiculously short heat up time of Breville bambino. And a minute or two matter a lot especially when you are in a hurry early morning.

The Steaming Wand

The Breville bambino plus has fully automatic steaming wand which means all you have to do is, select one of the three temperature levels, and 3 textures. The machine will take care of the rest for you and you do not have to perform any additional tasks.

On the other hand, the Breville Infuser comes with a manual steaming wand which means you have to set the temperature and texture manually and texturing the milk will not be an easy task unless you are a pro. Further, what is the point to buy a machine if you have to perform another additional step? Another plus feature offered by Breville Bambino plus!

Water Tank

The capacity of water tank to hold water determines how many cups the machine is capable of preparing for a family. In terms of water capacity there is a minor difference. The Breville Bambino plus can hold up to 64 ounces of water in its reservoir while the Breville infuser can hold 61 ounces which is almost the same as that of bambino plus.

Hot water dispenser

Another notable difference that may impact your buying decision is that the Breville Bambino doesn’t come with a hot water dispenser while the Breville Infuser has a built-in hot water dispenser. The included hot water dispenser is pretty useful to prepare regular black tea, green tea or Americano.

Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge helps in monitoring the temperature while the machine works. The Breville infuser has a pressure gauge so you can continuously keep track of the pressure while there is no such gauge on the Breville Bambino plus. The pressure gauge comes in handy when it comes to determine whether the espresso is being over or under extracted. It helps you prepare perfectly extracted espresso drinks effortlessly.


We always stress our readers to check out for warranty offered by the manufacturer while buying anything at all. It ensures repair, maintenance or return in case you receive a damaged product or it stops working after a few days. The Breville Bambino plus comes with two-year warranty covering any defective parts of system issues. The Breville Infuser however, comes with one year warranty. Since Breville machines are dependable, sturdy and well designed, it is highly unlikely that you will encounter any issues but still it is good to know that the product is covered!

Similarities between Breville Bambino Plus and Infuser

Top of the list of Best coffee maker with built-in grinder is the Breville Bambino. Here are some of the common features of the Breville Bambino Plus and the infuser before we get into the differences.

Controls and functions

Breville coffee makers are extremely user friendly and offer ease of use for pros and beginners alike. Made out of high-quality stainless-steel material, the machines have a small footprint. You will be able to operate the machines without even having to read the complicated user manuals.

Precise Temperature Control

Breville Bambino and infuser offer precise temperature control and allow the users to enjoy steaming hot or mild coffee as per their inclination. The machines are advertised to be capable of producing ‘café quality’ micro-foam which is commonly used for latte art and overall, it adds a little extra flavor to your beverage.

No Grinder

A built-in grinder is one of the most desired features of coffee and espresso makers but sadly, the Breville Bambino and Breville infuser do not come with built-in grinder. So, either you will have to grind your own beans or buy ground coffee which is pretty easily available in the market. You can also buy a separate grinder to grind your coffee beans.


Both the Breville machines offer exceptional performance and you get to experience aromatic, strong and flavorful coffee and espresso drinks. Besides incredible taste, the machines’ precise temperature controls allow the users to customize their drinks in accordance to their preferences and liking.

Breville Bambino Plus- Key Features

  • Heats up in just 3 seconds
  • Automatic milk texturing with fully automatic wand
  • 19 grams dose
  • Digital temperature control for the best results
  • Auto purge feature brings the heating system back to normal for next use
  • Huge 64 Oz water tank


Breville Bambino Plus Accessories

  • Bambino plus comes with the following useful accessories:
  • 54mm tamper
  • Razor precision dosing tool
  • Cleaning tool
  • Cleaning disc
  • Stainless steel frothing jug
  • Single, double filter baskets


  • Sturdy and durable with Stainless housing
  • Takes very little space on your counter
  • Easy to operate
  • Auto-purge function
  • Huge 64 ounces water tank
  • Multiple useful accessories
  • Exceptional latte and cappuccinos
  • No Built-in grinder

Breville Infuser – Key Features

  • Heats up in a minute
  • Programmable volume
  • Manual milk heating and texturing wand
  • Pressure gauge lets you keep track of the pressure while machine works
  • Built-in tamper
  • Hot water dispenser to make Americanos, black tea and green tea
  • PID temperature control


Breville Infuser Accessories

  • Breville Infuser comes with the following useful accessories:
  • Single and dual wall filter baskets
  • Coffee scoop
  • Stainless steel jug
  • Cleaning disc and tablets
  • Cleaning tool
  • Water filter with holder


  • Produces great tasting espresso
  • Outstanding auto-purge function
  • Hot water outlet
  • Pressure gauge monitor
  • Stainless steel durable housing
  • Stain and scratch resistant shell
  • Looks attractive on any kitchen counter
  • Tamper is very light
  • You may need experimentation to get it right


The machines are pretty similar in terms of build quality, durability, performance and design; however, both the machines are designed for different target audience. If you are into milk-based beverages you should opt for Breville Bambino Plus thanks to its power performance and the automatic steaming and texturing feature. If you are one of those who prefer pure coffee, the Breville Infuser it is thanks to its better portafilter and hot water dispenser which comes in handy for preparing regular tea and Americanos.

Secondly, if you want the machine to do the work, the bambino plus will be a perfect choice due to its automatic milk steaming and texturing and the preset volume you won’t need to practice for great latte or cappuccinos. Although the infuser comes with preset volumes and a pressure gauge for precise temperature settings, heating and texturing milk is fully manual. Here, you will need to do little experimentation in order to master the art of making perfect coffee and other drinks.

If your main concern is space, the Breville Bambino Plus is the space saver. The infuser is not a bulky machine either but, in comparison to Bambino it takes a bit more of space on the kitchen counter.

In the end your personal preferences will have a great impact on your buying decision. Let us know your thoughts of the two machines in the comment section below!

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