How to cook rice in Ninja Foodi?

Rice is the most common form of diet consumed widely across the globe. In Asian and South Asian cuisines it’s one of the main element of daily diet and without it the meal is considered incomplete. You can make so many dishes with rice of various kinds and category. Depending on your taste you can formulate any good recipe that you’re fond of. The one common thing that bothers most of us is how to make sure that the rice are cooked well and proper. Obviously the over or under cooked rice won’t be of much pleasure and taste so to making sure that they are cooked just right is an important thing.

Rice 1

To solve this problem and make sure that you cook rice just right then try cooking it with Ninja Foodi. The technology and latest machines has always made life easy and fast of a common person. Especially now a days when everybody is rushing all the time but they also want to eat healthy and good too. One such example of how machines make our eating and lives easier is an air fryer, there are various categories and kinds of air fryer that are available and you can choose the one that suits your needs better.

Coming back to the main question, how to cook rice in Ninja Foodi? The answer to this question is easy and without much complications. First of all you need to have this Ninja Foodi cooker. There various kinds of Ninja Foodi available in the market so choose the one that fits to your needs the best. Buying a Ninja Foodi pressure cooker will also help you to get rid of the need to buy extra kitchen appliances such as rice cooker.

Though any kind of rice could be cooked in Ninja Foodi but for the sake of example we’ll learn how we can cook jasmine rice. Jasmine rice are white rice which can be used for variety of purposes they are a very good option for stir fry recipes and many others. Jasmine rice not takes much time but can be cooked in just 3 minutes which makes it a really fast option. If you want you can also cook whole grain brown rice in Ninja Foodi which are can be cooked in 15 minutes on high pressure then are released for 10 minutes naturally.

When cooking rice in Ninja Foodi then make sure to keep 1:1 ratio. Which means if you take 1 cup of rice then take cup of water.

Find the instructions below on how to cook rice in the Ninja Foodi.

Instructions to Cook

  • Pour two cups of rice and 2 cups of water in pot of Ninja Foodi, you can also use broth instead of water to enhance the taste.
  • Make sure that you have secure the pressure lid and turned on the nozzle to ‘Seal’
  • Then cook on high pressure for 3 minutes
  • Naturally release the steam for next 10 minutes and do nothing
  • After 10 minutes has passed then move the nozzle to ‘Vent’
  • Add seasoning of your choice such as salt, black pepper or butter and SERVE

Rice 2