How to Make Filter Coffee without Filter?

Coffee was discovered way back in 15th century and since its discovery it has changed in a lot of forms for how we drink it. The coffees we drink today are of various types and not to forget they’re also prepared in various ways. Though there are around 30 types of coffees but interesting thing to know is that there are also many ways to brew it too. The most common one we all know is an instant coffee that is made from coffee beans by taking out their extract. Other than the instant coffee there are many ways a coffee can be brewed such as pour over coffee, slow drip, French press, aero press and Siphon method. Individuals uses these methods depending on their taste and preference.

Drip Coffee

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With these various types of coffees comes the complexity of preparing them or at least you need extra things to prepare them. In case you don’t want to buy extra things to prepare the coffee of your choice than you can still prepare it. For instance a lot of people ask this questions that “How to make a filter coffee without filter”. So the concise answer to this is ‘yes’ you can prepare the filter coffee without filter. It sounds hard but it’s not.

The filter coffee is also called pour over coffee which requires filter to complete the process of extracting flavor from the coffee grounds. The procedure of making filter coffee or pour over coffee involves pouring hot water through the coffee grounds in a filter. The water drains through the ground coffee extracting the coffee oil and fragrance into a mug. It’s also called hand brewing as well.

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Making a Filter Coffee without Filter

The main thing in preparation of filter coffee or pour coffee which people need other than ground coffee itself is the filter, which extracts the coffee oil properly and make sure the filtered coffee is clear, clean and consistent. To answer your question now in detail that what you have to do if you want to make a filter coffee without filter. It’s simple and in steps so that you can follow and apply it well.

Step 1: Gather all the usual ingredients that you use to prepare your coffee e.g. coffee powder, water, sweetener, cup and milk in desired quantity.

Step 2: Boil the water and add it in the coffee power placed in a pot separately and cover the lid of that pot to contain the heat.

Step 3: After 30 seconds make a check and mix it and then again cover the lid.

Step 4: Leave it for a minute so that it can get a clear decoction

Step 5: Boil milk separately in meanwhile if you make a milk coffee and add sweetener in it according to your taste

Step 6: Removes the lid of the pot and start pouring the coffee decoction into the milk slowly and carefully leaving the residuals behind.

Step 7: In the end forth it well and serve hot

Do make sure that you follow the timing carefully of leaving the coffee in a pot initially for 30 seconds and then for a minute. Leaving it for longer period would make your decoction watery and cold. Since we are making a filter coffee without filter so make sure that you retain decoction carefully leaving the undesired residuals behind.

Filter coffee

Tips: Substitute for filter

If you are looking for something as a substitute for the filter then you can use couple of options such paper towel or a napkin. The procedure is simple in this case too, as you just have to make a basket with paper towel or napkin that you’re using. Place the coffee grounds inside that basket and pour hot water over those grounds and make sure that water is not too hot boiling which could damage the paper towel as it is not for this purpose initially. Once the water is drained in the container below than dispose the paper towel with the coffee residuals.

The benefit of using such paper towel or napkin as substitute is that they are available easily in almost every household. It also removes the very fine particles of coffee grounds. The downside of using it is that you can get the traces of possible chemicals used in manufacturing the paper towel which can effect the taste of your coffee.  Secondly the paper towel is thin so there is possibility of breakage too.