How to Cook a Steak on the Stove with Butter?

Whenever you feel about eating something special, my guess it that the steak is one of the most common option under consideration for many. It’s not just only common dish but also very liked and favorite one too. There are various ways in which a steak can be prepared depending on the type of meat and taste of the individuals. It also highly depends on the weather too for example in summer most of the people would love to eat and grill outside simultaneously enjoying the good weather. If you’re the one who loves grilling outside in summer then you should consider these wonderful and budget outdoor grills such as best budget Kamado grill, best gas grill under $500 and best gas grill under $300 which would give you an ultimate grilling experience. If you want something that runs on electricity then there are best electric outdoor grills too.

Steak with Butter

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Everybody prepares their steak differently in a way they like and prefer, some likes to season it with olive oil and fry it in too. While others wants to fry it in butter due to rich taste it gives to the meat. The most common method that people use to make a steak is in the oven or on the grills but it can be also cooked on stove. It is also most commonly asked question that “how to cook a steak on the stove with butter”.

Steps to Cook a Steak on the Stove with Butter

You can cook a steak on stove with butter in few steps. It will give you the best results with crispy outer and with tender and buttery flavor. You also don’t need much ingredients for it. You can keep it simple and yet full of taste. The main ingredients that you would need are kosher salt, ground pepper and butter. Yes! It’s that simple. Obviously you’ll need something to cook it on. In this case the best thing to cook steak on stove is the cast iron skillet.

Step 1: As a first step buy your favorite piece of meat. Try to buy a boneless meat because it is considered to be the best steak for cooking on a stove. The bone steak is difficult to cook on stove and it can result in unevenly cooked steak. The bone steak are more suitable for cooking on grill or in oven.  The thickness of the selected boneless meat for steak could be around 1 to 1 ½ inches. Always look for a meat that has a layer of fat around it and never hesitate to ask for it if needed. The fat keep your steak juicy in the cooking process and gives it the meaty flavor and texture that you want in it.

Step 2: Make sure that you’ve dried your meat well before you start seasoning it. Once dried then season it well with salt and ground pepper. The nicely seasoned steak just before cooking would give you a good result but if you season it few hours or a day before cooking then it would be even better. The salt basically helps creating a dry surface over the meat for the searing which means the more dry it would be the more it would sizzle and help creating a beautiful crispy texture of your steak.

Step 3: Make sure that you have made your pan hot well. Most preferably the cast iron which is considered best for cooking a steak. Be careful of overheating your pan as it could burn your seasoning before they can flavor your steak.  Make your steak on hot temperature which is important for giving a nice crust to your steak. Keep moving and flipping your steak while cooking it to make sure that you give crust to all sides.

Step 4: In halfway add butter to the pan and give your steak a butter bath by pouring hot butter from the pan. Do add some herbs for beautiful aroma. In the end cook it up to the desired level e.g. medium, rare or well done. The easy way to do it is by checking the temperature of the meat with the thermometer. The temperature varies for each type of done steak e.g. rare steak should be removed at 125 Fahrenheit of temperature after total 6 minutes of cooking and medium can be removed at 140 Fahrenheit after 10 minutes of cooking.

Butter on Steak

Once the steak is ready then remove it from the stove and let it rest for few minutes so that it can keep all of its juices. Cutting a hot steak could result in losing all the juices on your chopping board which wouldn’t prefer at all. Always slice your steak against the grain as this way it would be tender and less chewy. Now you have the perfectly cooked steak ready to be eaten. Enjoy it with wine or your favorite drink.