How to Use a Blender to Make a Smoothie?

Smoothie is a very healthy and a well-known drink. Especially in most recent time it has gained much more popularity among the young ones and the people who are more into fitness and healthy lifestyle. The reason is simply because the ingredients used in making a smoothie are very healthy and natural themselves. The fresh fruits used with the base of dairy or water does the work for you.

The fruits have the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and along that various vitamins and fiber which are much needed by your body. The biggest convenience is that it’s adjustable so in case if you feel that it has too much sugar or too much fat concentrated then you can change the quantities according to your needs. In case you want to move towards the really healthy side then you can make a green smoothie which is prepared from veggies.

Smoothie in Blender

With the benefits in mind probably comes another question that how to prepare a smoothie and especially using a blender. Preparing a smoothie is not a difficult thing to do and you can prepare it pretty much using the normally available kitchen equipment such as a blender, which is used for various other purposes too and now just add one more to it.

Smoothies as it gives an idea from the name should be smooth in drinking, when they get chunky or chewy then it doesn’t bring you the pleasure it supposed to. Follow the steps below to make a good smoothie with your blender.

Making Smoothie with a Blender

Step 1: Take the jug of the blender and add water or any form of liquid that you’re using to make your smoothie. There are multiple kind of liquid substances you can use such as plain water, coconut water or regular milk. There are two main reasons for it the first one is that it would level the amount of unnecessary calories and sugar that would be obtained from fruits or vegetables. The second reason is that due to the presence of liquid the blender would blend the ingredients smooth and conveniently by producing a vertex.

Depending on the size and type of your blender you can add fresh or frozen fruits. If you use frozen fruits mostly, then there are best blenders for frozen fruits that you can use for this purpose. If you’re looking for something to crush ice then there are best blenders for crushing ice.

The liquid could be also adjusted for example for normal smoothie 6 to 8 ounces of liquids is used. If the fruits are frozen then you’ll need a bit more water than what is normally used. You can adjust it accordingly while preparing.

Step 2: Take your fruits or vegetables and chop them down nicely with a sharp knife. If your blender is not that powerful then you have to make sure that you chop them well in small pieces. This would help your smoothie blend well and faster.

Step 3: Add your freshly chopped fruits in the blender with water. Remember the frozen fruits always comes in the end with ice. If you’re using greens such as spinach then also add them after you’ve added fruits which would prevent it from sticking and blend it well once you start the process. This way the powerful whirlpool created would pull all the other things towards the blades and blend them well.

Step 4: Once all the ingredients are in the blender start the machine on the lower speed for at-least first 20 to 30 seconds and then increase it gradually. Usually what people do is they start blending from a high speed which seems pretty logical from preparing any other kind of drink but with smoothie due to its thickness we need a bit different strategy.

High speed pushes the solid particles to the corner which then doesn’t have contact with the blades and remains in the smoothie as it is. If you feel that your blender is having hard time then do add some water for smoothing the things a bit. Once the cycle ran successfully then your smoothie is ready to drink.


If you’re looking to buy a blender specialized to make smoothie only then there are best Ninja blenders for smoothie that would serve your purpose right accordingly to your need. The budget can also be sometime a problem when planning to buy a good blender but still there are options such as best blenders under $200 that could help you make a decision.