Kamado Joe Classic 3 vs Big Joe 3: Which One is Better?

The Kamado Joe Classic 3 vs Big Joe 3 have been the most heated and debated of all of the grilling contraptions. Both of these super-sized smoking machines have their own advantages, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll be cooking like a champion.

We are fortunate enough to live in an age where there are many people who are interested in learning how to grill. From casual Friday night barbecues to corporate functions, grilling can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. For some people it’s a difficult skill to master, while for other’s it’s a simple way to add a little bit of fun to their meals.

In this article, we are going to take you through the basics of both the Kamado Joe classic 3 and the Big Joe 3. Kamado Joe is the original and still the best-selling version of this grill, while Big Joe is the redesign that’s become extremely popular in recent months. So, which one is the best? Let’s find out!

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Kamado Joe Classic 3 vs Big Joe 3

Kamado Joe Classic 3 vs Big Joe 3 Comparison Chart

FeaturesKamado Joe Classic 3Big Joe 3
Dimensions30x46.5x50.5 Inches34x58x54 Inches
MaterialStainless Steel / CeramicStainless Steel / Ceramic
Weight286 lb445 lb
Capacity/ Surface256 Sq Inches, 407 Sq Inches with Grid extender452 Sq Inches, 604 Sq Inches with Grid Extender
Multilayer Cooking System3 Tier Divide & Conquer3 Tier Divide & Conquer
Side ShelvesYesYes
Temperature Range225-750F225-750F
Temperature Control VentYesYes
Temperature GaugeYesYes
Advance FeaturesSloRoller, Hyperbolic smoke chamberSloRoller, Hyperbolic smoke chamber
Hinged LidYesYes
Roller CastersYesYes
Slide out Ash DrawerYesYes
WarrantyLifetime on CeramicsLifetime on Ceramics
5 year on metal parts5 year on metal parts
3 year on heat deflector3 year on heat deflector
1 year on thermometer and gasket1 year on thermometer and gasket
Amazon Rating4.7/5 Star4.7/5 Star
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Kamado Joe Classic 3 and Big Joe 3 are almost identical grills and smokers, and the only difference between the two is the size and cooking area.

Difference Between Kamado Joe Classic 3 Vs Big Joe 3

Size & Cooking Area

Kamado Joe Classic 3 measures 30×46.5×50.5 Inches in size and weighs 286 pounds. The grill has 3 tier divide and conquer system which gives you a cooking space of about 256 Sq Inches which you can increase further up to 407 Sq Inches with the grid extender.

On the other hand, Kamado Big Joe 3 measures 34x58x54 Inches and weighs 445 pounds. it gives you a total cooking surface of 452 Sq Inches which further goes up to 604 Sq Inches when using grid extender.

Since the two grills are identical except the size, lets have a detailed overview of Kamado Joe Classic 3 to fully understand the functioning of this amazing grill and smoker.

Kamado Joe Classic 3 Overview

The Kamado Joe Classic III is the third generation of Kamado Joe’s innovative version of the traditional kamado grill. It’s built from the same thick-walled, high-fired ceramic shell as previous variants, the Classic II. The Kamado Joe gives your meals a 360° treatment by locking in the heat and smoke and gives you results that you simply can’t get from other grills in the market. With Kamado Joe Classic 3 not only you can grill but smoke, and bake whatever you’d like.

Appearance & Design

Kamado Joe classic 3 has a beautiful and eye-catching design with red color exterior and side shelves with hooks to nicely place your tools. To move it around, it has 4 casters with two locking casters at the front to keep it stable while grilling.

The charcoal basket is made out of stainless steel and comes with a divider which lets you fill only one side of the basket, or with different quantity of charcoal on either side to have different temperature zones for cooking two entirely different recipes.

The grill features a divide and conquer system which lets you divide cooking area in multiple zones to cook a range of difference recipes. The SloRoller hyperbolic chamber effectively turns the grill into an incredible smoker. It helps circulate heat and smoke into circles around the food and ensures even heat distribution without hotspots. This helps food absorb a lasting aroma of smoke and fire which we really admire. You can store the SloRoller underneath the grill to make good use of the space.

Kamado Joe KJ15040921 Classic Joe III 18-inch Charcoal Grill...
  • Premium 18″ ceramic grill with heavy-duty galvanized steel rolling cart with locking wheels.
  • Patent pending SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber - The first of its kind, the revolutionary SlōRoller leverages...

Kamado Joe Classic 3 lid is attached to the grill via air lift hinge which helps reduce the weight while lifting. You can keep it open half way while turning the food mid cooking. The dome also protects the ingredients from weather elements such as rain, wind and snow.

Temperature Control

The Kontrol Tower allows you to adjust the vents to control the grill temperature. It is like a dial on any electric grill to regulate the temperature in order to have precise cooking results. It might be slightly difficult at the beginning but once you get it right, you might be able to adjust the temperature in increment of 20 degrees like we did.

The advanced multi panel firebox is made of ceramic and designed in a way to avoid cracking while burning the charcoal. A wire mesh fiberglass gasket offers long-lasting seal to retain the heat and smoke inside for even cooking.

Handy Accessories

The grill comes with 3-tiered cooking rack, accessory pack, 2 half moon cooking grids, 2 half moon heat deflectors, SloRoller chamber, slid out ash drawer for smooth operation and convenient cooking with the grill.

We were able to smoke baby ribs, salmon and veggies after trying and failing a few burns. You ought to get things wrong in order to get it right at the end. With a little experimentation, help from the user manual grilling, smoking, baking would be as smooth as breeze. If you have a pizza stone already, baking pizza would be a treat and we strongly recommend you try pizza with Kamado Joe Classic 3.

Cooking Performance

Kamado Joe Classic 3 grill is exceptional at heat retention thanks to its thick ceramic walls. After we fired up the grill and reached a desired temperature, we set the vents to have a stable temperature. We tested a couple of small ribs for smoking using SloRoller. Once you set everything in place, you don’t have to worry about babysitting and checking the progress over and over since the temperature stays stable for a very long time.

The ribs came out having a smokey texture, with perfectly dark outer layer and juicy from the inside. We grilled veggies as well, and it was all worth it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Kamado Joe Classic 3 grill is easy to clean but cleaning doesn’t mean washing it with soapy water or something.

To clean the Kamado Joe Classic 3 or any other model of Kamado Family, add some charcoal and light it. Fix the cooking racks, install the heat deflectors and let the temperature rise about 550-600F. Once the temperature is stable, close the bottom vent and after 15 minutes close the top vent.

The grill and deflectors will be free of grease and any food leftovers once you brush it off with grill brush. Once it cools off, simply take out the pull-out ash drawer and you are good to go!

  • Excellent Heat Retention
  • SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber
  • 3 Tier Divide and Conquer Cooking System
  • 256 Sq Inches, 407 Sq Inches with Grid extender
  • 225-750F temperature range
  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Perfect for grilling, smoking, baking
  • Easy to install and move around
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

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Kamado Joe Classic 3 Vs Big Joe 3: Winner?

Kamado Joe Classic 3 and Big Joe 3 are premium quality high-end grills that will last for years. Choosing between Kamado Joe Classic 3 and Big Joe 3 is pretty straightforward as the only difference between Kamado Joe Classic 3 and Big Joe 3 is SIZE.

Kamado Joe Classic 3 is a smaller and lighter version whereas Big Joe 3 is bigger with more cooking surface. With the size comes the price tag; Kamado Joe Classic 3 is slightly cheaper in comparison to Big Joe 3 however, both are expensive grills in comparison to other available choices in the market.

It depends on your personal preferences; if you are looking for an average size kamado grill the Kamado Joe Classic 3 should be your first pick however, for bigger one Big Joe 3 gives you 452 Sq Inches or 604 Sq Inches cooking surface with Grid Extender.

Which one of the two is your first choice and why? Let us know if this article has helped you in making a smooth buying decision.

Kamado Joe KJ15041021 Big Joe III 24-inch Charcoal Grill...
  • Premium 24″ ceramic grill with heavy-duty galvanized steel rolling cart with locking wheels.
  • Patent pending SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber - The first of its kind, the revolutionary SlōRoller leverages...